Hinkley champions a customer-centric environment. We believe that accountability, trust and professionalism inspires confidence in our products and our brand. Our goal is to ensure the lighting you select for your project is a seamless process, from your initial creative spark to installation day.  


Our solution-oriented Customer Care team is focused on creating an incredible customer experience to ease your selection methods, simplify the quotation process and offer flexible product modifications. We are here to support everything you do for your client.


Hinkley products are the ultimate combination of style and substance. Our attention to detail, combined with the highest standards of materials and craftsmanship, are what set Hinkley product apart. Our hospitality and commercial products are constantly evolving to meet sustainability and safety requirements without sacrificing design.


Hinkley engineers and designers are passionate professionals supporting an agile research and development process. We offer cutting-edge high lumen output integrated LED solutions with hundreds of energy-efficient styles to choose from. Light output, price, light color, lifetime, energy consumed, dimming capabilities and remote control options are always top of mind.


Our state-of-the-art distribution center operates at lightning speed. Cutting-edge technology, multiple shifts, top-notch shipping and over 220,000 square feet of inventory add up to peace of mind that your orders will be placed right and delivered on time